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 Video Display Devices 

We calibrate all video display devices.
As an ISF/THX certified calibrationist, we provide display calibration services for your video display devices, providing accurate imaging, color and details. Displays are initially calibrated at the factories for the showroom environment and it's typical lighting conditions. As such, many of these displays are on the blue side with an unnaturally high brightness. Your display/s can exhibit a dramatic and accurate picture with the proper servicing and treatment. Accurate color allows the viewer to see a program the way it was intended by the director, editor and creator. Flesh tones are more natural and the overall coloring as a more lifelike appearance.

It can even improve the picture on your computer monitor.

  • Clearpoint calibrates all brands of displays CRT, D-ILA, DLP, LCD,LED LCD, LCoS, OLED, SXRD & Plasma.
  • It doesn’t matter where you bought your display.
  • Front & Rear projection 
  • Standard Definition Calibrations can be completed through NTSC RF, Composite, S-video inputs. 
  • High Definition Calibrations can be completed through ATSC RF, DVI/HDMI, Component Video, Computer Inputs and RGBHV.  
  • Resolutions from 1080p to 2160p are available. 
  • Calibration through your DVD player is achieved with the aide of the Avia, Digital Video Essentials and Sound & Vision DVDs

Clearpoint ISF Onpoint Calibration

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