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  • Ideal geometry is a very important aspect to faithfully reproducing the cinematographer and director’s intentions.
  • Overscan refers to the amount of viewable image intentionally lost off the top or sides of a display.
  • In many cases, over 5% of real picture information is thrown away, regardless of the display type.
  • Broadcasters routinely do not fill the entire signal area with usable picture, requiring displays to overscan the image in order to fill the screen.
  • Properly adjusting Geometry and Overscan can dramatically improve a displays ability to involve the viewer by presenting more real picture information properly recreated.
  • CRT displays always require special adjustments to achieve good geometry because they are analog in design.
  • Digital projectors must be exactly positioned in order to avoid noticeable keystoning or introducing digital scaler artifacts.
  • Frequently errors in geometry and overscan are present even in flat panel displays due to improperly adjusted internal scalers.
  • Many sales professionals and installation specialists’ fail to understand the importance of geometry, overscan, or even aspect ratio!

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