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 User Controls 

Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, Sharpness, Color Temperature, Gamma, Scan Velocity Modulation (SVM)…

  • Many people play with these user controls. Others barely know these controls exist.
  • Adjusting user controls is a good start, but can only make so much of a difference.
  • A professional calibration of the service (factory) settings will make an enormous improvement in picture quality.
  • Dramatic increases in depth of field, color fidelity, and image clarity can be achieved for any ambient lighting conditions encountered during normal viewing.
  • Multiple settings (Sports, Movie, Pro, Standard, Vivid) can all be reprogrammed to take advantage of non-ideal viewing conditions or source material.
  • It is therefore possible to adjust each and every source so that it looks its best– resulting in equally excellent picture quality for everything you view.
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