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Proper calibration of your home theater video display will:

• Display a sharper focused, full resolution image.
• Show full detail in the darkest and brightest parts of the scenes.
• Be properly matched to your video system and viewing environment.
• Maintain accurate color balance at all picture light levels.
• Produce a full range of accurate colors, including flesh tones, grass, sky and sport jerseys.
• Have a cinema theater "film look".
• Minimize picture artifacts (distortions).
• Be easier on your eyes.
• Last up to twice as long as a display with factory default settings.

Stunning picture quality

Our calibration procedures will bring out the sharpest edges and most accurate color representation on your screen. Your HDTV also features amazing contrast-ratio potential, and we'll optimize your set to produce the deepest darks and most vivid brights.

Reduced eyestrain

The human eye is designed to absorb the colors, contrasts and brightness levels that occur the natural world. Therefore, the more lifelike the images on your HDTV, the less work your eyes have to do. We'll help ensure the lowest amounts of eyestrain in the space where you watch your HDTV, in all lighting conditions and at all times of the day.

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